Common Rug Cleaning Questions Answered

Oct 3, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

dog laying on blue and white area rug

Area rugs provide warmth and personalized style to your home. Even if your area rug isn’t an antique, it can still act as the centerpiece of a room. No matter what type of area rug you have, it needs specialized care to maintain its life and look. 

The rug cleaning technicians from Chem-Dry of Rochester & The Finger Lakes are here to provide the services you need so your area rugs can look their best over the many years they anchor your home’s decor. Our cutting-edge cleaning techniques and expertise with rugs of all types will not only help preserve your rug but also make your home a healthier, cleaner place.

Have questions about our process, or how to take care of your rug? We compiled some commonly asked questions about rug cleaning and the answers from our expert rug cleaning technicians.


Your Rug Cleaning Questions Answered


What should I do if there is a pet accident on my rug?

When your pet has an accident on your area rug there are a few things you can do immediately to prevent permanent damage to your rug. 

First, focus on absorbing as much of the liquid as possible using white towels or tissue. Be sure to avoid rubbing the rug, and never reach for a conventional spot remover, which could permanently alter the colors of your rug. Finally, call the experts at Chem-Dry of Rochester & The Finger Lakes to request specialized rug cleaning services that can effectively remove evidence of pet accidents in a gentle manner.

What are the causes of dye bleeding in rugs?

There are a few factors that can cause dyes to bleed or fade including:

  • Improperly washing rugs 
  • Exposure to pet urine 
  • Excessive sunlight 
  • Fumes from certain chemicals
  • The use of stain removers containing bleach

Rugs produced with defective dyes, inadequate dying methods, or after-market coloring may also experience bleeding. 

How can I increase the lifespan of my rug?

Rugs should be vacuumed regularly, especially if they are placed in high-traffic areas. Much of the soil that ends up between rug fibers are composed of dry particulate matter. This dirt and dust can have a sandpaper-like effect on rugs, accelerating the process of wear and tear. 

When you take the time to vacuum your rug on a regular basis, you can prevent the vulnerable fibers from being worn down by excessive amounts of dry soil and thus lengthen its life. Additionally, having your rug cleaned by Chem-Dry professionals will get rid of dirt and dust beyond the reach of your vacuum, further increasing its longevity.

How should I prepare for a rug cleaning visit?

Preparing for a visit from a Chem-Dry of Rochester & The Finger Lakes rug cleaning expert won’t take long, but it will help expedite the process. Begin by removing clutter and any light furniture in the area, as your rug cleaner will vacuum before initiating the cleaning process. 

Then, make a mental note of any stains or flaws you want the technician to pay extra attention to. Next, if you have pets, be sure to put them in another room or in the yard so the technician can work without distractions. Finally, make a clear path from your driveway to the door and from the door to your rug to promote safe and efficient cleaning. 

Do you have more questions about area rug care? Reach out to one of our rug cleaning technicians in your area by calling (585) 458-5797 today!